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About VINCI Facilities

The VINCI Facilities brand within VINCI Energies

  • 2013

    In the Netherlands and Belgium, Cegelec Building Solutions and Vanderlinden Groep adopt the VINCI Facilities brand.

  • 2011

    Thanks to its partnership with Caisse de Dépôt et de Gestion du Maroc, Exprom, a subsidiary of CDG Développement specialising in facility management takes the service offering to Morocco.

  • 2010

    With the arrival of Faceo, VINCI combines its facility management and technical maintenance activities within VINCI Energies, under the VINCI Facilities brand. A common ambition now unites Cegelec Maintenance, Faceo, Manei, Opteor tertiaire and SKE. VINCI Facilities becomes a major facility management player in Europe.

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