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Office owners and occupants, property managers, property developers, etc.

You face multiple challenges in the form of new demands from your occupants, the need to reduce overall floor space and deliver meaningful economic and social performance.

We leverage our comprehensive knowledge of all aspects of building life cycles and uses, to support you in your daily business.

Expertise and innovation serving office spaces and their occupants

  • FM management and multi-technical maintenance

    FM management and multi-technical maintenance

    • Engineering, management and reporting
    • Mechanical, electrical and HVAC engineering
    • Smart building systems, command and control
    • Air quality
    • Regulatory inspections
  • Technical assets

    Technical assets

    • Annual plans and renewals
    • Digital assets (BIM)
    • Building performance
  • Comfort, Energy, Environment

    Comfort, Energy, Environment

    • Management, performance, commitment
    • Assistance with achieving certifications (WELL, BREAM, etc.)
    • Raising awareness among occupants
  • Well-being


    • Multi-services
    • Conciergerie
    • Hospitality management
  • Work spaces

    Work spaces

    • Space management
    • Space planning, layout, transfers
    • Space efficiency
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We work with you to design the most suitable solution and organisation

… Suitable for the size of your site(s), answering your specific organisation needs and anticipating the occupants concerns.

We use digital techniques to deliver enhanced FM

You benefit from a portfolio of specialist applications: energy management tool, dedicated occupant portal, digital conciergerie, etc.

We are continually developing new solutions

We test our latest innovations with you on the ground, delivering new services for your office spaces.
We use connected objects and BIM to tailor our services to actual needs, and so boost overall performance.

Our vision of Facility Management

A comprehensive understanding of your current and future needs to work beside you for the long term, helping to build your performance

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Your business and your occupants are our core focus