Hospitals, clinics, care homes, medical and social institutions, local hospital groups and residential homes for seniors

For you, we design facility management, multi-technical maintenance and energy performance solutions, ensuring patient and staff well-being within a framework that delivers statutory requirements with controlled costs.

Hospitals are at the heart of public health issues and are required to meet the very highest health and safety standards. Governed by extremely strict standards and regulations they also face significant budgetary pressures in an environment that demands unwavering care and focus.

Comprehensive support for your public health mission

  • Property maintenance

    Property maintenance

    • Building technical management
    • All trades maintenance and renovation contract
    • Plumbing
  • Occupant safety and movements

    Occupant safety and movements

    • Access control
    • Video surveillance
    • Patient calls
    • Automatic doors and gates
  • Energy performance

    Energy performance

    • Consumption monitoring
    • Energy supply
    • Decentralised heat production
    • Optimised production of iced water
    • Energy performance contract
  • Conditions of comfort and health safety

    Conditions of comfort and health safety

    • Management of inspection records for healthcare facilities and water installations
    • Refurbishment and certification of ISO-rated cleanrooms
    • Management of Legionella-related risks
    • Fight against hospital-acquired infections
    • Management and implementation of standards
  • Occupant wellbeing

    Occupant wellbeing

    • Electricity
    • Air conditioning
    • Heating
    • Ventilation
    • Air and water quality
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Our maintenance offer delivers performance, transparency and serenity

Thanks to our expertise, we can guarantee you the reception of a flexible maintenance service delivered by a robust methodological framework:

  • Proven site handover process with a dedicated team
  • Fully transparent maintenance and management, effective assessment mechanisms and checks, engagement with hospital staff and suggestions for continuous improvements

Our priorities are incident prevention and management.

Our vision of Facility Management

A comprehensive understanding of your current and future needs to work beside you for the long term, helping to build your performance

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Your business and your occupants are our core focus