Hosting companies, private and public IT departments, telecoms sites …

We work with you day to day to ensure continuity of service in your server rooms.

Our support leaves you free to concentrate on the essentials : data protection, equipment operation and managing your energy use.

Comprehensive expertise serving your data centres

  • Infrastructure availability and resilience

    Infrastructure availability and resilience

    • Operations consultancy
    • Audits (power usage effectiveness, capacity, tiering)
    • Availability analysis
    • Multi-technical maintenance, data centres operation & FM multi-year CAPEX plan
  • Adaptation to changes in IT

    Adaptation to changes in IT

    • Capacity audit and tracking
    • Lifecycle management
    • Related works
  • Energy efficiency

    Energy efficiency

    • PUE audit and tracking
    • Insertion into the built environment
  • Server room support

    Server room support

    • Insertion into the built environment
    • Local operations
    • Server room decontamination
    • Particle counting

VINCI Facilities, a strategic partner with extensive experience of working with data centres

Data centre expertise

Data centre training courses and specific operational procedures

Service continuity

Resilience analysis, crisis management, on-site training and single-point-of-failure management

Support & advice

Dynamic thermal modeling, audits, redundancy testing and alarm criticality

Our vision of Facility Management

A comprehensive understanding of your current and future needs to work beside you for the long term, helping to build your performance