Embodying the Group’s values

valeurs équipe vinci facilities

Within VINCI Energies, VINCI Facilities is synonymous with solidarity, trust, autonomy, accountability and entrepreneurship. These deeply embedded values nourish our customer service culture and our management model, with the aim of satisfying customers while respecting the group’s community and environmental involvement.


    5 values in our everyday lives

    • Trust : the spirit in which we choose to work together.
    • Empowerment : the freedom and initiative that enables each of VINCI Facilities business units and each of its employees to express their talents
    • Responsability : the group’s success lies in the capacity of each person to recognise, endorse and develop their field of accountability at each level of organisation.
    • Corporate spirit : providing each employee with the means to grow and be fulfilled in their job, wanting to progress for their own sake and for their business unit, and have greater customer commitment.
    • Solidarity : sharing know-how and resources and the possibility of commitment within civil society, either as part of an association or within the framework of foundations sponsored by the Group.  


    Team spirit, solidaritysolidarity

    Teams with a service mindset

    Professional competence, a service mindset and safety are the three main components of professionalism at VINCI Facilities. Our employees are driven by a service mindset at every step of service delivery and interaction with our customers and their occupants by encouraging discussion, listening carefully, understanding needs and expectations, explaining actions carried out and leaving a positive impression.


    Our employees' safety: a constant concern

    Total safety

    We consider that accidents can be avoided by prevention, regular awareness-raising among our teams and the commitment of each and every employee. We conduct a total safety policy in order to meet the only valid objective: zero accidents. Through the management of our operations, we help to ensure that our people return home safely and that those visiting or living near our sites are not at risk.

    Loyalty towards our subcontractors and suppliers

    VINCI has reasserted its commitment to openness and dialogue with all its partners across the board. We do our utmost to respect the group's Subcontractor Relations Guidelines which state the importance of remaining loyal to subcontractors and suppliers.  This is a pre-requisite for making our projects a success.