VINCI Facilities in Italy

Present throughout Italy, VINCI Facilities offers services, to take care of buildings, occupants and the environment with the aim to cover all the national territory and adapting its solutions to the changing needs of its customers.

In an effort to adapt to changing needs and requirements of the occupants, now, VINCI Facilities address its solutions to the following sectors:

• Work Spaces

• Community Spaces

• Leisure and Retail Spaces

The maintenance contracts taken in charge by VINCI Facilities have a manager assigned who, through a management software, allows all Clients to manage in real time to several areas of activities:

1. Technological Maintenance (Electrical Maintenance, Mechanical Maintenance, Special Plant Maintenance, Building Maintenance and Lifts Maintenance)

2. Environmental Services (Cleaning, Disinfestation, Gardening, Porterage Service)

3. Property Management (Property management, Project Support)

4. Services to end Users (Carrier Supervision, Documents Archiving Service, Fleet Management)

In Italy the Facility Technological Service is developing with the new construction of Technologically Advanced buildings.
In the coming years by introducing advanced techniques from design, to implementation and maintenance, we will see a growth of our services.
Our goal is to put the digital more and more at the center of our work and offers to support all engineering, reorganization and services management needs, to respond with highly qualified staff to all technical and regulatory new requirements.

VINCI Facilities Italia
Via Gallarate, 205
20151 Milano

Tel.(+39) 02 92148382


Votre métier et vos occupants sont au cœur de nos préoccupations