Technical expertise supporting facility management

L'expertise technique au service du facility managementL'expertise technique au service du facility management

Present throughout Europe and Morocco, we provide facility management solutions, taking excellent care of your buildings, occupants and environmental impacts in order to:

- enhance the potential of your property assets,

- improve the work environment of the occupants,

- control energy and operating expenditure.

Our constant attention to detail combines technical expertise and a service mindset.


    At VINCI Energies, a member of the VINCI Group, we specialise in facility management, with maintenance performed by our own teams, and other services outsourced. We are present on service sector, industrial sites, social housing and local authorities

    We have a global knowledge of the life cycle of buildings and the facility management experience needed to develop bespoke solutions and provide the model that best corresponds to the performance of your organisation.

    Local presence and a service mindset

    Proximité client

    We are organised into a network of autonomous, fully-accountable business units. Their geographical proximity to our customers means that they can adapt to local conditions, understand customer expectations and step in quickly when needed.

    To meet multi-location demands, we set up a dedicated coordination structure for your needs. A support team accompanies our business units to develop innovation, IT tools and targeted offerings and to promote best practices acquired in the field.

    8,500 employees at your service

    Our employees, experts in their field, have the service mindset needed to satisfy your demands and create a sustainable trust-based partnership.
    Their sense of loyalty and regular training contribute to our long-term commitment.