A new VINCI Facilities company in Polynesia

Vinci Facilities Polynésie

VINCI Facilities inaugurated its new company in Polynesia on March 3, 2017. This new company is made up of 90 employees and realizes 1.5 billion francs of turnover.

Thibaud Giraud, Head of the company, said that in Polynesia "we work with the Taaone hospital, for whom we do a lot of things, taking care of the building, the occupants and the environment. We have a multitechnical culture, such as air conditioning, lighting, electricity, industrial boiler room, IT and telecom in collaboration with Axians. "

The ambition of all employees is to continue to grow the company by innovating. "VINCI Facilities offers us new technologies and new tools: service portals for customers, technologies that allow technicians to be located in space and thus trace the history of a specific equipment. Internet of objects, QR code identifying each machine, digital model of the building ... " says Thibaud Giraud.