A little history

In 2010, VINCI combined all its facility management and technical maintenance activities under a single brand – VINCI Facilities – to become a major player in the field of facility management in Europe.

    Within VINCI Energies, VINCI Facilities combines the competence of Cegelec, Faceo, SKE Group, Energilec and Opteor. 


    Palais Bourbon

    Maison Jean et Chabrié, the oldest company in what would become VINCI Energies, wins the (candle) lighting and (wood) heating contract for the Palais Bourbon in Paris.


    Heinrich Nickel was founded in1896 in Oberdreisbach (Germany). At that time the company made safes and strong rooms. It subsequently developed to become a company specialising in maintenance work, heating and air conditioning.




    In 1910, the company Stingl GmbH came into existence and developed its technical maintenance business.

    At the same time, in 1913, the corporate ancestor of Cegelec was established: CGEE a holding company for electrical companies.  

    1899    Creation of SGE, which would subsequently become VINCI.

    The birth of facility management in Europe


    1976    The companies that would form SKE win the very first facility management contract that was put out for tender in Europe by the American government.

    1988     Creation of SKE in Germany, a group involved in construction, technical maintenance and facility management. Its component companies are, in particular, in charge of the overall facility management of the US army’s bases in Europe. SKE also carries out and operates numerous public-private partnerships (PPPs) in Germany.  

    1989    CGEE Alstom assumes the name of Cegelec following GEC (General Electric Company) taking a stake in its capital and the transfer of its industrial control activities.   

    1993    SGE acquires the Dutch company Vanderlinden Group, an electro-technical installation company that was set up in 1945 in the Netherlands.

    1999    Opteor becomes the brand for VINCI Energies’ technical maintenance activities in the service and manufacturing sectors and will be the vehicle for all the company’s offers in this area.

    2000   SGE becomes VINCI. 

    In December, Thales and Alstom set up Faceo, making it the European leader in facility management



    2000    SKE becomes part of VINCI   
    2001    Energilec, a technical maintenance and services company, joins VINCI Construction France. In Germany, VINCI Energies acquires Nickel GmbH.

    2003    Within VINCI, GTIE, which brings together the company’s skills in energy (electricity and heating) and in telecommunications, takes on the name of VINCI Energies.

    2004    Creation of SKE Schul-Facility-Management



    VINCI Facilities logo

    2010    With the arrival of Faceo, VINCI combines its facility management and technical maintenance activities within VINCI Energies, under the VINCI Facilities brand. A common ambition now unites Cegelec Maintenance, Faceo, Manei, Opteor tertiaire and SKE. VINCI Facilities becomes a major facility management player in Europe.

    2011    Thanks to its partnership with Caisse de Dépôt et de Gestion du Maroc, Exprom, a subsidiary of CDG Développement specialising in facility management takes the service offering to Morocco.

    2013    In the Netherlands and Belgium, Cegelec Building Solutions and Vanderlinden Groep adopt the VINCI Facilities brand. .